Digitalization and automation of production and logistics processes as well as business models are the biggest chance for European companies to remain competitive in global competition. Decreasing price levels at the same time as increasing quality requirements, individualized products and services with volatile demand lead to:

  • sudden and unpredictable large-scale changes of important parameters, which occur more frequently.
  • event propagation in networks with high degree of interconnectivity, which leads to unforeseen fluctuations.
  • non-equilibrium states, which increasingly characterize daily business.

These multi-scale changes deeply require powerful IT-systems, robust planning and control strategies, appropriate business models as well as adapted management and leadership approaches.
We combine interdisciplinary knowledge to make a difference. We transfer methods from classical disciplines, such as mathematics, physics, engineering and psychology who have been working for years on questions of the management of conflicting targets and multi-objective optimization, non-linear dynamics and complex network theory as well as behavioral research and situation-specific leadership.