Industry 4.0 Workgroup

The teaching activities of this chair have ceased.
All ongoing theses remain supervised.

Gemany`s first Professorship dedicated to the Management of Industry 4.0


The Workgroup Industry 4.0 at the Chair for Management of Digitalization and Automation strives to develop solutions for the management of complex and networked production and logistics systems meeting the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. Within its synthesis of fundamental, applied, and industrial research, we create an inspiring environment for tailor-made academic education.


It is our mission to support companies in preparing and managing the digitalization and automation of production, planning and administrative processes as well as business models. This challenge has interdisciplinary character. To cope with the various interfaces of management, engineering, production, logistics and informatics, we cooperate with researchers and practitioners from various fields and industries, such as informatics, mathematics, psychology and biology.
Typically, when it comes to digitalization there is no one answer. We invite you to discuss with us the following questions to find your situation-specific answer:

  • How much networking does Industry 4.0 really need?
    Benefits and costs of digitalization and automation
  • When can simplification help to deal with complexity?
    Lean Management and its limitations
  • How to setup and to manage a digitalization project?
    Situation-specific choice of tools for analysis, for design, implementation and management of your digitalization project
  • How to exploit efficiency potentials of automation while creating decent, human-centered workplaces?
    The impact of human behavior, perception and dynamic effects in production, logistics and IT system design

Situation-specific solution design ranging from Lean Management, to Big Data Analysis and Interdisciplinarity is our way to create innovation for industrial practice.